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1.  Can I add money to individual youth?

  • Money cannot be added to individual youth. However, you may choose to help out an entire specie. (for example: the 10 lowest swine youth)

2.  Is my contribution tax deductible?

  • You will have to discuss this with your accountant.

3. There is an error on my invoice, who do I contact?

  • You will contact Committee Treasurer BettyJo Staley at 208-678-6000

4. How do I register as a buyer?

  • You can register here online under the "Register as a Buyer Page", the day of either sale or by calling Dena at 208-878-9461. Buyer number will need to be picked up on sale day at the registration desk.

5. I am a previous buyer, do I need to pre-register?

  • It is not necessary for you to pre-register. A new buyer number will be available for you to pick up the day of either sale or available for pickup at the Cassia County Extension Office starting August 1st.

6. How can I find out who purchased my child's animal?

  • This information can be found by contacting the Cassia County Extension Office at 208-878-9461 or at the completion of each sale.

7. When will my child's check be available for pickup and where do I pick it up?

  • Checks will be available for pickup generally 3 weeks after sale. Checks available for pickup at the Cassia County Extension Office. Youth must provide a stamped, addressed thank you card or a picture of youth with buyer in order to receive check.

8. Where do I mail my payment?

  • Cassia County 4-H/FFA Market Animal Sale, Attention: BettyJo Staley, 2281 Overland Avenue, Burley, ID 83318

9. I need a W-9 for tax purposes, who do I contact?

  • Contact BettyJo Staley at 208-678-6000

10. Can I pick up my Buyer number before the sale?

  • Yes, numbers are available for pickup after August 1 at the Cassia County Extension office or anytime during the fair at the Livestock Office in the Sale Barn at the Cassia County Fairgrounds.

11. Do I need a ticket for the Buyers Breakfast on Saturday or the Ice Cream Social on Monday following the Dairy Sale.

  • No ticket is required to attend either event.

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