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Interested in being a Floor Buyer for the Sale?

A floor buyer acts as a floor price for the market animals. The price the floor buyer sets is what the animal would bring at a sale of the animal on the open market. A floor buyer usually bids on one species of animals. The bid should include a price that would include picking up the animals on Tuesday afternoon for dairy and Sunday morning for all other livestock, and taking the weight of each animal that is provided at the final weigh-in. We have floor buyers for every market specie. These species include: beef, swine, dairy heifer, sheep, turkey, meat goat & rabbit. If you are willing to take all those animals in a particular species that will not be harvested for custom slaughter, please submit a bid on the following form:

Please fill out the form below and return to by Wednesday, August 10, 2022 to be considered as a floor buyer.

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